Ignition powders

A satisfactory ignition system requires the ignition powder to ignite the propellant at all operational temperatures and achieve optimum ignition transfer to the propellant.

The ignition propellant must ignite the propellant in such a manner that

  • the ignited propellant meets all interior ballistic requirements such as peak pressure, muzzle velocity, ignition time,
  • a pressure-time curve of combustion in the cartridge case or chamber will not show any irregularities or high standard deviation in maximum pressure,
  • round-to-round velocity deviation is kept to a minimum thanks to excellent lot-to-lot reproducibility at our production plant.
Product Overview
Product Category Description Product Code Possible Applications
Zenit 370 Ignition powder Porous nitrocellulose low burning & velocity 2450 General purpose
Zündladung MIDI mod Ignition powder Porous nitrocellulose medium burning & velocity 460 General purpose
Zündladung MAXI mod Ignition powder Porous nitrocellulose fast burning, high velocity 461 General purpose
Benite Strands Booster for large calibre flash tubes

Mixture of black powder and nitrocellulose in stick shape

55-68 Tank, artillery, various calibres
NC200 Ignition pads for atillery charges Porous nitrocellulose 422 155 mm artillery
Zündladung Bison Ignition pads for artillery charges Porous nitrocellulose 54 155 mm artillery
Beiladung NKP mod. (S5361) Ignition powder Mixture of black powder nad nitrocellulose – propellant grains, sulfur free 443 Various
S5261 Ignition powder Mixture of black powder and nitrocellulose – propellant grains 8414 Various
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