Tank Gun Propellants

Nitrochemie produces and offers a wide variety of high caloric propellants for tank application. For the production of propellants, either a solvent-based or a solventless technology is applied.

Our propellants are superior with regards to ballistic stability and can be used throughout all climatic zones.


Nitrochemie has established a wide knowledge for optimization of propellants for tank applications, e.g. by surface treatment. This helps to achieve lower life cycle costs and a better performance combined with better accuracy.

Energy content for tank ammunition propellants and achieved energy:

Type of Ammunition Flame Temperature Heat of Explosion Force Projectile Mass Projectile Energy
KE ~3500 K  ~4800 J/g ~1155 J/g 7-10 kg 8-13 MJ
HE/HEAT ~3150 K ~4250 J/g ~1100 J/g 11-19 kg 8-11 MJ
Modern propellants for Tank applications produced by Nitrochemie:
Type Propellant technology Application
M30 Triple-base, solvent 100 mm, 105 mm, 120 mm HE & KE
I-Type Double-base, solventless 120 mm HE & TP
JA2 Double-base, solventless 120 mm HE & KE
L1 Double-base, solventless 120 mm KE
L5860 Double-base, solventless 120 mm KE
L15190 Double-base, SCDB, solventless 120 mm KE
N / NQ Triple-base, solvent 125 mm HE & KE
The use of our L15190 propellant, which is based on SCDB® technology, leads to lower pressure levels in the weapon system at the same performance level at 21 °C compared to other propellants.

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