Oxidation products

Oxidation products – amongst other things - are used as raw materials in the consumer goods industry. One of the core competencies of Nitrochemie are reactions based on 70% hydrogen peroxide.

Epoxidation and

Synthesis of
inorganic peroxides

Bayer Villiger oxidation

Epoxide C 12Dodecene-1-oxide2855-19-8
Epoxide C 14Tetradecene-1-oxide3234-28-4
Epoxide C 16Hexadecene-1-oxide7320-37-8
Epoxide C 20 - 28Epoxides C20-28-alkyl (even numbered)68413-40-1
alpha Pineneoxide(1α,2β,4β,6α)-2,2,7-trimethyl-3-oxatricyclo[,4]octane
1,2 Epoxy-cyclohexane1,2-epoxycyclohexane286-20-4
Fine chemicalsCAS
Titatnium(IV) isopropoxidetitanium tetraisopropanolate546-68-9
Orthophosphorous Acid (70%)phosphonic acid3249-68-1
Zinc peroxideReaction mass of zinc oxide and zinc peroxide13598-36-2
n-Butlnitritbutyl nitrite1314-22-3

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